Monday, June 18, 2018

You must label your foam

before you start cutting.

Here are pictures of the (almost) complete shipment of foam for the chapel build.  We have labeled all the pieces and cut them to length this weekend.  The tools from Hot Wire Foam Factory arrive later this week and we can start making the more complicated cuts.

What an adventure this is going to be.  Keep posted for updates as we build.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Now we really do have to build

the chapel.

The abbey is loaded in the truck and on its way to Oklahoma City.

Took us several hours to play this epic game of trailer abbey parts Tetris.  But we got it to fit in 14 feet of the truck (he has to pay to ship by the foot, we originally thought 17 feet, but we just that good.)

It is very weird to think that that Abbey will never be up in our yard again.  But the new owner is over the moon to have it, so that makes it bittersweet.

Even Hal, short for Halloween Cat, looks sad.  I made my cat sad, that makes me a bad human.

Don't worry Hal, we have a new prop for you to climb on and scratch in a few months.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Speaking of bones

I also sighted this guy in my garden take-over.  Apparently, the original Bucky skeleton has a much better resistance to our Pacific Northwest weather, he has been there for 8 years now.

Remember this guy from years ago.  He is still in the garden, and he is going to get some plantings to keep him company in a few days.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Sometimes you never know where a path will take you

About 12 years ago we went to our first HAuNTcon.  This was way before we were involved as much as we are now :)  

It was 2006 and we took lots of classes, learned so much and met so many people that are now our haunt family.  One of those people is Mike Krausert (Tattoo, then with Bad Boys Scenic Design).  We took their foam texturing class and ran with it.  That year we made two major (at least for us at the time) projects

The first was our new mausoleum.

Our first large foam facade was made possible by the skills we learned in that class.

This facade is long gone, we were sad to see it go.  But we went on to build the abbey.

Now this facade is sold and will be on its way to Oklahoma next week.

Stay with me, I have a point. :)  When we put it for sale I got a message from Mike asking why we did not contact him to buy it?  I was like, what?  You could so make something better than that.  He called the abbey a 'work of art'.

Our mentor just called one of our creations a work of art. I would not in my wildest dreams have thought that back in 2006 we would be in in a place where our mentor say that to us.  Just can't believe it.  What a long and very fun journey this has been.  This is why the DG Crew have been longtime supporters of HAuNTcon, who has been a long time supporter of Home Haunters learning and taking it to the next level.  See you all in January

It is all in the bones

Since I have not blogged in a bit (a long bit) I am going to try to catch you up on Davis Graveyard props. We built several new props last year and I did not take the time to share them with you so here we go.

The Davis Graveyard crew is a great group of talented people.  This was a prop from years ago, and probably one of our first solid foam props.

The eternal flame.

Here is how it was put together.  This prop now over 4 years old is still a favorite and always hides in the back of the yard.  Its location is not important because it is a perfect piece of the puzzle that works hard without being the centerpiece.

We have retired a lot of props, but this one is a classic.

Thanks to the DG crew for this awesome staple to the display.
There are five identical arch pieces - the are hand cut and router-ed down to make the shape

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