Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Going to the Chapel

...and we're gonna get.....

no life during the summer. :)

(We are almost done with the Chapel, in fact, if all goes well, most of it goes up tonight. But I have not been documenting it here.  So I am going to retrospectively show you through the chapel build.)

After a few years of planning, we finally decided to sell the abbey and build a chapel.

The plan is that this will be easier to put together than the abbey has been.  The abbey took an entire weekend, a scissor lift and an army of people to set up.  This new chapel should go up in a few hours.

This is the SketchUp plan.

Front view from SketchUP

Here is the real chapel that we modeled it after.

Ardgowan Chapel in Scotland
Yeah, we decided to phone it in this year :D


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