Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hello square one,

we meet again.

We are starting over. Completely.

No, not the whole yard.....just the church (Westerman Abbey) - I say "just" the church like it is just a small prop in the yard.

This is big.

Very, very big.

I know I am as stunned as all of you.....actually typing it out for the blog is a very scary thing to do.  It is more real now.  I told you all, so I have to do it.

At the moment, we are still in the planning stages.  I think our next step is to build the scale model and see what supplies we are going to need. 

Oh, you have your hand up, do you have a question?

"Why I am getting rid of probably one of the largest props in any home haunt?"

The answer is in the question.

It is bit cumbersome to put up.  We had an accident taking it down one year and this year while taking it down the 14' pieces of lumber we damaged (just years of wear and being out in the rain) - the only safe way to put it back up is to rebuild the frame.....and if I have to go to that much trouble.....I am building what I really wanted all along.

A ruined abbey.  Like Hollyrood Abbey in Edinburgh.

So Westerman Abbey will now be a ruin just like most of the other abbeys in the UK.

Ruins. (thanks Henry)

This last trip really got me thinking that if I could have anything....I rather have ruins.  But how to make ruins that will cover the shop.

We are going to use force perspective and build the structure closer to the street.  It does not have to be as tall that way.  

Like most things, solving one problem, causes others. 

How to stand it up since it will not be anchored to the shop and if I move it forward, won't you see the shop when you are not standing directly in front of it?

We are standing it up by building it as a long rectangle frame that we will anchor with 55 gallon containers full of water.

The rectangle frame we are building will go down the side of the driveway to obscure the view from the street angle.

That is the plan anyway.

If anyone can pull this off it is our crew.  After all, we are quite a talented group of artists :) anyone want a 3-story church facade? :D

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