Friday, February 18, 2011

Haunters DVD set update

Husband and I (mostly husband) are working on the Home Haunters DVD set, and yes,the deadline was Tuesday, but if you get it in soon.....maybe next week, we should be able to get you on the set.  Just go to the site and upload the video - just to be sure email to let us know it is there.

When we are done and we have pressed the last set to send to the duplicator, we will change the "video" page from the submission information to the video ordering information.  If you see that on the video page.  It is too late to submit.

Thanks to everyone, we are at over 60 videos.  Here I was thinking that I was going to call this over :)

Anyway, that being the case anyone that has the skill and the time to help with redesigning that site I would greatly appreciate it.  I hate designing least favorite thing to do and as far as the site goes....I am more of a print person than a web person. As you can easily tell from the Davis Graveyard site :D

Help me! Cause this image is just not working.......

Anyway, email me at

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