Monday, March 2, 2009

You would think

with all the Halloween stuff I deal with, scary movies, ghosts stories, creepy cemeteries in faraway lands that almost nothing could scare me. But each year, around this time something scary happens, a simple two word thing, it seems harmless, but it is not. Actually I am finding them hard to type right now...but here goes

Annual Report
(cue screaming and Psycho music)

No matter where I have worked, I have hated that project. How can just a few pages cause me so much anxiety and grief? It is scary and not in the good way.

I was thinking about it as I was driving to work ...and thought, maybe it is my attitude, what can I do to make this fun? Then I thought I could make a Davis Graveyard Annual Report - something fun and creepy and I am the only one who has to sign off on it and not every important or semi-important person in the organization who also has an opinion and second guesses EVERYTHING....just me. Oh, and maybe husband.

Then I thought about how much work that would be and started screaming, which I thought was just in my head, but the cars next to me started looking me and I realize....oops, I said that out loud.

So see, they are scary in any form.

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