Friday, September 2, 2011

We will use just about anything

to texture foam....especially silly dangerous stuff.

Just for the record I do NOT recommend you try this at home.

The first version of this tool we made looked so dangerous that husband destroyed it.  Literally cut it up in the chop saw and threw it in the burn bin.

But it takes more than that to stop a stupid idea.

So the next version we labeled with a warning message - not that it would hold up in court or anything.

Just to show you what it is like working at the actually have to label things as "not a toy" or "not weapon".

We are a silly group....and we do go through a lot of band aids :D

So here is one of our latest foam texturing tools.

Carefully labeled to avoid confusion.

Just to avoid any more of the crew added further clarification on exactly what kinda of toy it was, in fact, not.

I could go on to explain the further conversations on how we assured ourselves it was indeed not a sex toy.....but I don't want to post a warning message on the blog because of the content :D

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