Thursday, March 17, 2011

I had better give these away

before they go bad and I kill one of you.

That did not sound like I wanted it to.....let me explain.

While in Penzance (Cornwall) I was in the Tesco picking up supplies for the flat - by "supplies" I mean wine.

Someday I will explain "frog queen speak" to all of you, for now just try to keep up.

And I saw by this register a bunch of Halloween candy and stuff on sale, no surprise since it was mid-November.

Two things happened in my little brain at the the same, COOL!  Halloween stuff in the UK (they are slowly starting to celebrate, but they have nothing on us crazy Americans) and two, I must get some of this for my blog friends!!!

Now, if husband had not been there I would have dumped the whole basket of candy and goodies into my cart. Cause I really did not want to have the "Are you really buying that stuff for your blog friends" conversation....again.

So I grabbed a handfull of stuff - thinking I can get away with the chocolate and red wine combination is why I just threw 3 bags of candy into the cart.

He is too smart for me. "You are getting that to giveaway on your blog aren't you?"

I have been found out.  Damn, I am not as clever or mysterious as I thought....hum.  That is a problem for another day.

A few days later we are back at Tescos.....and there is still more stuff left, so I grab some more.

That is when I notice under the candy that there are glow in the dark witch fingers and handcuffs.....

....handcuffs?  Really?

Okay, you can take this two ways., they are really getting into the adult side of Halloween, cause who does not celebrate (after the ToTs are gone) Halloween later that evening without handcuffs?  I mean you are already wearing the policeman costume? :D

Or....more likely, the UK is still grappling with the whole Halloween thing and thinks that kids would want plastic handcuffs as a Halloween treat.  Now, I remember being a kid and plastic handcuffs were cool - especially being the oldest of four kids....these were great to torture your siblings with!  Loved them....just did not think of them as a Halloween thing.

And it looks like I am not the only person that found this amusing....this local blog made this clever post.

Despite these two things going on in my head......I grabbed them!  I mean they are Halloween items from far away....someone at home is going to think they are cool!  I cannot be the only crazy one? Right?

Husband rolls his eyes, grabs the handcuffs, looks at me and them puts them back in the cart and walks away.  I don't think he wanted to be at the register with me when I was checking out :)

But when I left there were still a few things in the sale basket....they haunted me (pun intended) I voved to just grab the lot on my next trip....who was I kidding picking up a few things at a time.  Silly frog queen.

Sadly, on the next trip the sale basket was empty - part of me wanted to ask the staff if maybe they just had them in the back ready to throw out.....but with my American accent, I have to admit I chickened out.

Admitting that this part of my journey had come to an end I packed all my goodies in the box of stuff we shipped home.  What I got would have to do.

So, after taking two months to get here,and sitting in my office for almost another two months, I have decided that I really should give these away before the candy goes bad and I posion one of my blogger friends.

So, this giveaway comes with a warning, although husband and I have both eaten these candies (really, does chocolate every really go bad :D) and do so at your own risk.

I have two sets for two winners.

Each winner will get:

Notice I took the picture in front of the map of the area we bought the stuff....silly me.

A bag of Cadbury "Dead Head" candies.  They are "mini milk chocolate heads with red caramel centers" - yum!
A set of Tesco glow in the dark witch fingers
A set of Tesco glow in the dark handcuffs

So, anyone that leaves a comment on this post will be entered to win.  I will draw two winners on March 25th.  I will ship anywhere, Canada, New Zealand....I will even send them back to the UK again - that would be a laugh. 

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