Monday, March 28, 2011

We have heard around the interwebs

that some haunters and haunt enthusiasts would really like a copy of the DVD collection, but money is tight.  In this economy we completely understand.  So we want to help.

We crunched the numbers on what we have brought in and at least one haunter added a few dollars more to their order so we have worked out a set number of DVD collections that we can give away to people in need.

We will ship anywhere, we budgeted for US shipping, but we will make up the difference to ship anywhere in the world, it is it the least we can do.

If you or a haunter or know a haunter that could use some help getting a Home Haunter DVD set, send them to this page.  We wish we could help everyone that asks, so please understand that we will do our best to get them to as many haunters as we can....but there are people that will ask and not get them.  I apologize in advance for that.  Trust me, it disappoints us too.

Thanks for your time back to prop making!!  Or in my case finishing up the logo for West Coast Haunters Convention :)  I promise Ed, you will have it today!

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