Thursday, March 10, 2011

All is better now

We got this comment on my first blog post about the Faux Panel mix up.  It is from Steve, the CEO. I knew not everyone would check the old I reprinted it here.

Hello folks

I'm the CEO of I am terribly sorry for our mistake!! We donated red brick to that build AS WELL. Here's what we donated...

It was delegated to my web team to post the red brick pictures that we donated to our website. My web team mistook your brick product with ours. It was an honest mistake. I am embarrassed and so sincerely sorry for this!! I can see how it would cause aggravation. As soon as I heard about this news I delegated to my web team to take it down. and they took it right away.

As my company has grown quite a bit and it's hard to keep track of everything that goes on. I cant double check everything my employee do like I used to.

Again very sorry for any aggravation this caused you!

Apology accepted and much appreciated.  Thank you Steve.

All is well in the Frog Queen back to working on HAuNTcon and West Coast Haunters Convention stuff!!!!  Oh, and the prop building....gotta start that some day soon!!!

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