Sunday, March 6, 2011

Okay, I have either one or three

more boring blog posts about our vacation to the UK.

I know that I have bored you all to tears with my silly vacation now I am going to let you take control of the content of this blog.

....or the first and LAST time......

...we discovered Castle Combe and Lacock.........the where B-R-l-I-L-L-A-N-T-!  

Since my St. Just pictures failed....could be the crappy photographer.......I think I might bore you with photographs rather than a slide show.....for those that skippped it.......your loss :D you want one post of all the pictures from the day.....

.......or do you (Neil Gaiman) Stardust fans want me to break it into two differnet blog posts?

BTW.....I have the best and most UK story to tell you about Lacock and them filming Harry Potter....if the those of you that follow this blog from the UK know the stories...can you just duck out for a bit....I want to tell it :D

Let me know.

One long post?  Or three creative "frog queen" posts?  I promise to be at the top of my game on these!!

:D you have a choice!!!!!

Back to something important....ME!!!

Okay - I lied.  I took pictures of the cemetery in Lacock's....not on the fact, almost missed the bus back....that is getting blog post if you like it or not!!


You really need to come with the Frog Queen on her next tour....really, I have such sights to show you.

(Clive Barker rip off I know....but I am a forgive me!!)

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