Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I don't think so

By the way Faux Panels.com

Walls created by the Davis Graveyard....no matter what anyone else says.
You in fact did NOT make the panels that you claim to on your website.

You were supposed to, but you declined at the last minute and left Alex at Extreme Home Makeover in a terrible mess that she asked us to help with.  We worked on finding the 160 needed panels of pink foam and got crew together to create them all over the weekend so they could be picked up and installed during the week prior to the build.....which we were at and made most of the brick paneled walls that you are claiming you provided.

Seems these guys are taking credit for our work on the hallway and boiler room brick walls.

along with a video

They did in fact donate the brick panels in the prom photo op room. 

But they are saying that all the brick work is their panels. 


I would like to say I am a better person that I am and that I am not upset.  But I am.  Our crew worked really, really had to create those walls......I hate to see them written off by a company that easily.

Proof we did the work.  Just in case there is any doubt. :)

I can guarantee I will never purchase from them, or recommend them ......ever, even if I own a haunt.....never.

Have a nice day and back to prop building.

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