Monday, March 14, 2011

This is why I don't go to Transworld anymore.....I see all these cool pictures and just weep for the fact that I cannot possess all the shinny things.....or even make all the shinny things I see.  My current Davis Graveyard to-do list already goes out for years......if I keep seeing these pictures, I am going to have to live to 150 in order to make all this stuff!!!!

The woman in the picture frame prop is my favorite so far.  I must make one of these for our party....or to just leave up in my office all year :)  It is about 17 seconds into this video:

Thanks everyone for sharing.  For those that want a good run down, one of my favorite links this year is from Jeff over at Mr. Skeleton (nice guy!) - he went around and interviewed many of the vendors and got lots of footage.  Thanks Jeff, see you at HAuNTcon!

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