Friday, March 4, 2011

Okay, I am not above

begging for people to order the Home Haunter DVD collection.  We are at about 30 orders, we could really use 50....that would be good.  It is a great has over 60 haunts on it.

Husband and I created this really clever and cool intro video that is loosely based on the Pixar studios intro.  We created a new menu screen and animated intro to each haunt....just in case not seeing all the cool haunts was enough of an enticement.

Here is the very lame logo that I came up with for the set.   I will get it on the site soon. Yes, I know it sucks, but it is all I could come up with at 2:00am -  and not in a drawing mood.  But it is better than that skull picture.....I am sooooo tired of that. :D

Anyway, have a great weekend prop building!!

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