Monday, December 26, 2011

There are zombies mentioned

that is my tie in for this post to Halloween.

If you have been around my blog any amount of time I am sure I have bored you with my love of Tim Minchin. Well, it seems he was on the new Johnathan Ross show on ITV and he was asked to write a Christams song.

First of are asking Tim Minchin to write a Christmas one should be suprised that it might be a bit....of shall we say, unconventional :D

Shame on them for removing this from the broadcast.

Although, I have to say this would NEVER be shown on any US network, cause, at times, some of us, do not have a sense of humor and take ourselves and our beliefs way toooooooo seriously.

When he mentions that "...geeks would try to smack him with a shovel" ....I spit wine all over the living room!

This is not White Wine in the Sun.....but it did make me ROFL!

As usual Tim writes quite clever lyrics.

If any of you reading this are deeply religious and/or have no sense of humor (which includes most of my family) do NOT click on this link. If you do and you leave a negative comment, I will delete it.  Yeah, I am in that kind of a mood. Hee Hee!!!


And if for some reason you have not heard one of my favorites of his, which is a Christams song - please check out the video below, it is the Frog Queen's favorite Christmas song.

Hope everyone had a good holiday!!

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