Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Well, back in Decmeber

my fantastic sister in law gave me these cool presents for Christmas....I love her as that she is the only family member that actually embraces our Halloween madness and give us Halloween related presents all year!!

These are both really cool books.  

She said she gave them to me because she loves the artist....Gris Grimly.  

The first one "Sipping Spiders through Straws" is reworded campfire songs that are all revamped for those of us that like creepy!

The second one is by the same author....but a twist on Halloween for Christmas.  Santa Claws a Scary Christmas to all.

I love how the inside of the cover is like an old ad section from a magazine...all creepy!

Yes, I know that I have the best sister in law in the whole world!!!

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