Sunday, June 17, 2012

Another end of an era

Looks like I sold all the mud men at the West Coast Haunters Convention.
Thanks to Bryan Dorr for the photo~
Anyone that was there knows that we used them all as sign holders (coolest sign holders ever!) so I volunteered to give one away as a raffle prize to raise money for the charity,  and said I would sell the rest......not thinking that anyone would want them.

I wish I had a picture....but trust me when I say it is priceless to see a couple loading two mudmen in the back of their van and figuring how they can make them fit.......I love my Halloween friends!!!

The rest are staying local and going to a haunt in town.......really?  Home Haunter props in a pro haunt....just makes my head spin.

So officially, all of the Davis Graveyard Mud Men are gone.

(Yeah, I gasped too!!!)

They are one of the oldest props in the display...........what have I done!?!?!?

That said....we better get working on making the new version......which are going to rock you world.

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