Friday, August 24, 2012

Hey, wait, I thought I got rid of you guys

....oh, you are just visiting :)

We sold all of our mud men creatures to a local haunt this summer (to help finance the 2012 build - and I had had some of them for almost 10 years.....we were starting to get on each others nerves a bit.)

But a few weekends ago we hosted a mud man class - we had seven students and they all did a great job over the weekend making their own monsters.

We are making the Oregon yard haunting world Wal-Mart, Spirit store, and (insert other cheap wanna store here) free - one haunter at a time.

As usual we had a great group of students who all brought their own special touch to the props.

I was especially impress by the student who got creative when we told them that they will need clothes they are willing to destroy....tyvek suit....awesome!

Go out into the world my minions and scare the people!! I am so proud of each one of you!!!

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