Thursday, August 29, 2013

So we will just start from where I am

I have been obsessing for months on getting back to blogging and how I would do it.  But nothing seems to be the right path.

So let us do what I used to do and just start with what happened today that I thought would be interesting to share.

We have a cursed prop this year.  The Celtic Cross.  We have built an the hell can a monument prop be such a bother!

Now we are a talented group, so we thought.....this is a no brainier.

We thought wrong.  Let us just say, if something could go wrong or get fucked up on this prop, it happened.  Most of it is my fault....I am fine with that.

So we started on the "well,.....that will do slope" - and quickly headed right through without stopping to "I am not putting that in my yard."

Today I was looking at where it was, and realized, because of many reasons, I really "checked out" on this prop.  And I knew with the current climate in our house that if I told husband that I wanted to make another change to it.....he was likely going to throw up his hands and say....fine, finish the yard by yourself.  I am off to play Xbox.

But I looked at it and just could not let it end up in the yard in it's current state.  In fact the changes I made are not a lot of help....but they are heading back in the right direction of not putting a piece of shit (by DG standards) in the yard.  It is still a piece of.......but a bit less shitty :D

Here is where we were.


I could go on an on about this prop, what you see in front of you is NOTHING like we envisioned.  So, I started to make compromises, for various reasons.....way too many compromises.  I now understand that I cannot do that.....that path is a one way slide for me.

So, it basically looked like a piece of white foam with some carving and an hint of being a Celtic Cross.  But because on problem after problem.....I decided to age the crap out of it to hide some of our problems.

Well, aging it ended up looking like I took a "wire brush to some white foam" and beat the crap out of it.  Which is what we did, but it was supposed to look aged, natural aged, not "white foam meet wire brush" aged.

So I went back to one of my original pictures of a very old Celtic Cross.....and it aged by wearing away.  Not crumbling away....yes, I know different stone ages differently...fine, fine.....but that in consideration....we were still in the "white foam meet steel brush direction" can tell yourself what you want.  But that is what it looked like.

BTW - have I mentioned that husband has about had it with this prop and just wants it finished. :D

So I knew today when I took the sander to it to smooth out the aging, he was going to be pissed that I was still messing with it.  I knew it.  I did it anyway.  I am the evil artistic director - have to keep my reputation :D

It is not perfect, but it looks more like pitted stone than "white foam meet steel brush" - I will know more when I paint it gray tomorrow.

So boys and girls - the frog queen is still around.  And hopefully back for good.

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