Friday, May 25, 2018

Another reason to visit the UK

We are heading over in November of 2019 to Edinbugh, but we are going to need to stop in London and check out this

After its unexpected closure, The Hollow Hotel invites you to its grand re-opening! But if you listen to the whispers in its winding corridors, you might lose yourself as each turn entices you to delve further in; until you can't turn back. Journey through a maze of hidden passageways that will either lay you to rest, or lead you further into the hotel's dark heart.

Uncover the hotel's intricate histories, dark secrets and hidden agendas. Whoever built The Hollow Hotel built a literal death trap; designed just for you...

The Hollow Hotel an immersive interactive psychological horror that draws inspiration from the historical events surrounding America's first and most terrifying serial killer - H.H.Holmes - the man whose preferred instrument of murder was a hotel.

It is an interactive haunt experience - this sounds like a lot of fun.

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