Friday, April 15, 2011

I just want to survive today

It is funny - my partner in crime for the big shindig I have going on today sent me this email last last night....cause we are both working late into the evening at this point.

"Funny how a WINE auction can drive a person to DRINK!!!"

So true. 

Today is our 9th Annual Credit Unions for Kids Wine Auction at work - big fancy deal, evening gowns and tuxes and people spending lots of money on wine....for a good cause it is for our local children's hospital.  So as much work and stress as it is.....I keep remember we are doing it for the kids :)

I am one of the co-conspirators on this event, and it is big and scary and a LOT of work and I can hardly wait until Saturday morning when this is all over and I can focus on important HAuNTcon and West Coast Haunters Convention! :D

I should be back to regular blogging after the weekend.  Missed you guys!!


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