Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I need a new neighbor

one of my favorite neighbors has to move in with her kids, so she is selling her house. She has been one of the most tolerant of all the madness and late nights that we have here at the Graveyard - we have been very lucky.

So I am hoping to get an equally good neighbor, or better yet.....a fellow Halloween crazy.

If you live next door imagine all the fun we can have???

Trust me, you can walk right through your new yard into cats do it all the time.....and it will be a lot easier for me to just call you when Mason gets out and you can tell me if he is in your yard rather than me crawling through the laurel (usually infested with spiders - shudder, shows how much I love my cats!)

Here is a picture and a link to the listing.

For you garden people she has an immaculate yard both in back and front, she has been featured on our garden tour in the past.

This house, like ours, has an outdoor fireplace in the back, great for fall is the house for you.

And because it is not really popular in the NW, they are not highlighing it here in the pictures.....but she has a swimming pool.  Think of the parties we could have the whole four days a year it gets over 90 degrees :D

So I am looking for a new neighbor.....anyone have $249,000 lying around?

I promise to help you unpack........and bring over a really good bottle of wine or two to celebrate!!!


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