Monday, February 6, 2012


We have been bugging everyone endlessly about submitting videos for the Home Haunter DVD collection.....I guess we better do our 2011 video.

Every year I go back and forth with husband about not including the whole yard in the video.....but he says "everyone has seen our stuff, so we should just feature the new stuff."

Although I don't agree......I do imagine he is right. So - finally after lots of photo collecting and marriage have the 2011 Davis Graveyard video.

In case anyone missed it.....we built a ruined abbey.

Or I should say we tried. It is not near as complete as we would have liked (or should I say, I would have liked) - but I guess that gives us something to do this year. :D

I have to say, our old facade was 14 or so panels......going from 14 to 44 was harder than anyone could have imagined. We learned a LOT.

So here it is, not perfect, but it is what it is. Which is actually quite amazing....

Thanks to everyone that helped with this project. We really do have the best crew on the planet, this would not have happened without so many people giving up almost all of their free time.

Here is to 2012......

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