Sunday, July 22, 2012

For those that missed it

here is a really cool board game called Zombies!!!

such an Evil Dead rip off....but soooooo much fun.  If you love board games.  You need to find a copy of this game.  It has all kinds of add extras, like the aforementioned glow in the dark Clown Zombies and these fantastic additions...

Glow in the dark zombies!!

A whole Zombie Clowns game!  (Now that is what I am talking about!!)

With regular clowns....that do not glow in the dark....where is the fun in that??!!!

But how about some Zombie babies!!

I hear there are pet Zombies....I have not found them yet.....but if I do!  They will be mine!!

Fun game, friends - pick up a copy if you find one!!!

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