Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I think I might be a stalker

cause I have quite a collection of Shellyhawk pieces....there is almost one in every room of the house!  And I have bought a lot more to give as gifts....I think I have a problem.

I got this piece a while back and forgot to post it.  I was up late one night and noticed that Shell had posted this item and knew I had to have it for my pumpkin shelf in the kitchen - I guess my quick purchase stole it out from under my good blog friend Micheal over and Skull and Pumpkin blog....he told Shell that I beat him to it.  You snooze, you loose.

Or in my case....if you buy something someone else wanted.....they can get even by telling the person that is shipping it to be sure to put a spider in the box.  And not being a coward, Michael even had her tag that it was from him.  I have the best friends.

This spider is still sitting on a shelf in my office....and for some miracle the cats have not found it.....yet.

Should I stop stalking her?  Nah, I really want this piece someday!

I really need to find a job soon!!!!

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