Thursday, May 28, 2009

Do I

start another blog?

As of late, I have been very conflicted about this blog.

I am not those great people that scour the web looking for fantastic things to share with you.....again, I wish I was. I just blog from the Frog Queen (of Halloween's) point of view :)

And, I do, censor myself. I hardly say "fuck" on this blog, but when I am working on Halloween stuff....yeah, well, I have a bit of potty mouth! (Husband, who I now know reads this, is LAUGHING his ass off at the "bit" part of that comment!)

I recently stopped posting anything about my work. More like therapy for me and boring for the rest of you. I mean, even if I can be funny about it, it just seems self indulgent. I sometimes envy you that fill out those clever questionnaires that revel more to me. I just feel silly talking about myself.....

You don’t have to tell me, my cat (Dorie) is cute, and my garden can be quite beautiful and I can find a quirky thing here and there but they really have nothing to do about frogs or pumpkins, or more importantly, Halloween.

It bothers me each time I post something that is not 100% Halloween or Davis Graveyard related. I am concerned that I will mislay my Halloween fans.

Husband, who as you know, I hardly listen to (but love dearly!), reminds me that the blog is me and for me. And although I am 70%-80% Halloween, It is fair to say that I have a few distractions.

I mean not a single day goes by when husband and I do not talk about Halloween and our graveyard display. Pitiful, I know. But my blog...not so much so.

So do I make a frog queen blog (actually someone has that, I will have to come up with something else) and I keep this one strictly Halloween?

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