Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In my opinion

the UK does comedy better than anyone else. And my new favorite obsession proves my point perfect. Husband and I recently discovered "The IT Crowd" - it is a show about the IT department in the basement of a company....not that exciting unless you are a geek - and husband is and I guess I just suffer from guilt by association.

But something funny happened midway into season one. That is when we discovered "Richmond" - there is a long story about Richomonds fall from power to IT basement dweller, but the funny thing about him is he is a goth...goth IT guy.

Before that day, I did not think that was possible. The contrast of this character in this situation makes me laugh out loud!

Here is the bio from the BBC

Richmond is the rarely seen fourth member of the IT team. The dirty red door in the wall behind Roy's desk looks like a rather unassuming gateway to Dante's lower levels, but it in fact leads to a room containing a machine that no one quite understands. Richmond sits there alone memorising the light flashes it emits.He is so isolated that it took Jen a long time to discover that he was working in the basement with them!

As Richmond rarely leaves the basement he has naturally very pale skin - which is ideal considering he is a goth.

Definitely not a show for everyone. But this scene where they try to get him back behind the red funny,

Click here for a link to a clip from the show.

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