Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The other night

I had one of those moments where someone's comments just made me say

F&ck! I am done with this Halloween business. I don't need these kind of comments in my life.

I was having flash backs to another unpleasant misunerstanding with someone in the haunt community, and (because lately I am a bit stressed and in a bad mood) could only see this ending badly.

I really don't need this in my life right now. I guess it goes to show how on the edge I am if something this small can set me off. Poor husband!

Have a mentioned that I am a red head and definitely fit the stereotype when it comes to my temper. In this case I was more upset than angry. Yeah, I don't handle "upset" with any grace either.

I (we) write the best email we can to see if we can patch things up, and head to bed.

I have a hard time sleeping lately but know I do not want to get up because I will want to check my emails.....and that could just make things worse.

I get up the next morning to find that, in this case, crisis diverted, everyone is happy.

Looks like there will be a Davis Graveyard in 2009. Not that there was any real danger of packing it up . . . just gave me head something to do for a few hours.

Guess I should get busy making some props. :)

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