Friday, December 10, 2010

A view (of the Graveyard) from Hal

Okay, after seeing (and I am sorry to all of you non cat people, just skip the video) this, I am so going to put a camera on Hal (at least try to) and film him in the graveyard next October......I bet that will get my blog more hits than anything else I will ever damn cat people are just crazy that way :D

A "Hal" cam!  Why did I not think of this before!!!!

Sssssshhh....don't anyone tell Hal, it is going to be a "surprise" :)

I mean "surprise"in that if he knows what I am up he will fit himself in that spot under the bed that I cannot reach no matter what angle...... :D

Oh, and don't tell Husband, Hal is technically "his" cat and he hates when I play (he calls it torture) with the cats that way. :)

Me, I say they live like kings in our house rent free....a little "entertainment" for the Frog Queen is not too much to ask!

Anyway, between you and me....Hal is becoming a diva :)

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