Thursday, December 30, 2010

Usually I pay attention

LOL! Who am I kidding....I miss things all the time. Including this article that was in our local paper, Oregon City News, around Halloween. I remember doing the interview, and that was about it. Gone, didn't even remember to pick up a me, in October it is like a whirl wind at the graveyard! If the cats were not so vocal in the morning, I would probably forget to feed them :D

Photo Dick Trtek
So I got an email from a friend today that said.

"Your responses sound so rehearsed, compared to Jeff. Almost like you were in marketing or something."

"What are you talking about?" I say.

"That article."

"What...great what did I do now?"

"It is from is a copy.  And your welcome. Next time pay attention!"

Hum....compliment? Maybe. Kidding?  Likely. Knowing this person, just having a bit of fun at my expense.

I read it and went, sh*t..... I do sound like that? Wow, I think I was mistaking an interview with a press release…..bad frog queen!

Anyway, very flattering article – Thanks Ellen!

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