Friday, September 28, 2012

It is sad when your kids leave home

Here is a picture of our old mausoleum in it's new home about 5 miles away from the graveyard.   As you can see we made a plaque with a skull to go on the top where "DAVIS" was carved.

Hope G&T take good care of him, he is a great prop....a little tempermental, like most props.  But he works hard and never complained....even when the demon angel prop attacked him a few years back.

As I was setting this up at their house (yes, we deliver) I realized that this is the third time we have done this, there are two other mausoleums, now three, haunting the Portland area.  Damn, we have been doing this for longer than we thought.

Good bye old friend, we will miss you.

A trip down memory lane to 2006 when we were building him.  Just because I am feeling nostalgic.

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