Thursday, September 27, 2012

When I am sad and feeling low

I head into the shop and pour more skulls for my Etsy shop.

They look great on tombstones, awards, church pews (we have them on our church pews, yes, my fabuous father-in-law made me church pews, I have an abbey you know - and yes, I do have the best father-in-law EVER!), they are also accents on the abbey, they are on the Davis Graveyard Crew top hats, and on the fact, if you leave anything around long enough.... any reasonable person, I will likely glue a skull on it.

Some people call it a sickness......I unfriend those *&^%  people on Facebook.

And I really, really want to mount them permanently to the all the eaves on the house....husband says "no".


Like I was "asking a question?"

Silly man....does he not know who he is married to?

I really do not see his problem.......I am not unreasonable, I will paint them red to match the trim.

It is going to happen someday.....resistance is futile.....

He has to sleep sometime!!! So it is only a matter of time, and a ladder, a good flashlight and a bit of  glue ........and I have the coolest house ever!!!!

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