Sunday, October 14, 2012

Call me lazy

(everyone else does)

Just for the record, the Frog Queen prefers NO universe am I pouring wine into a pumpkin!

I am looking at this logically, from a drinking point of view......this whole process seems way harder than it needs to be.

Call me silly, but the logical way to drink a beer from a bottle would be to just open the beer and drink will have a lot more fun than:

1) Hollowing out a pumpkin....cause we all know how easy that is.
2) Pushing a spigot into a it just me or does that sound a bit wrong
BTW - who has a spigot just lying around....really
3) Open six (ice cold beers) and pour them into the pumpkin
4) Then put the pumpkin out on the table - all the while.....the beer is getting WARM...or less "ice cold" depending on how fast you drink and how big of lushes your friend(s) is/are.
5) Pull the spigot and fill your glass with beer from a pumpkin.....

I beg you to not get distracted from the brilliant wall decorations and think about this plan. 

Just a six pack?  

Wow, that sounds like a fun party!

If I am having a party there ar more than six people and they like to drink a lot (that is why I like them)....basically, for me......what these would be/are single serving pumpkins.  

I do not like any of my friends enough to carve them a pumpkin serving keg.  

(BTW - no need to watch the whole will just cut into your drinking time.)

I could finish half the six pack in the time it would take to make this....

Not saying this is a bad idea.  Just not very logical.

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