Monday, October 8, 2012

For those who told me they would miss "Beloved"

We present to you our "Mourning Angel".  She is the "Beloved" replacement....after 10 was time for her to move on....she is now in a haunt in Washington state....I wish her well.

But this.......this is the best thing we have ever made, ever.

Everyone in the crew touched this prop at some point.

She works because everyone that worked on her wanted her to be perfect.  If anyone would have missed the mark on their part of the would have ruined the whole thing.

This, my friends is why I say, the Davis Graveyard has the best crew.

If it came down to it....I would lose anything in the display, except the crew.....I can replace the props, but I cannot replace the magic the magic they create.

She is based on this original monument.

Here is the Davis Graveyard version.

Wait until we get some night photos......they are amazing.  

Details on how she was made to follow....stay tuned!

But we still have something better, to show you....hard to believe.....but we do!

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