Friday, October 12, 2012

Wow, what happened to the mausoleum?

It used to look like this.....

Now it looks like this...

"You changed something didn't you?"

Yes, we completely rebuilt the mausoleum.  We are going for a ruined and abandoned graveyard look for the display, and this is just another step.

Making double the panels (because now you can see inside) was a pain, but not near as rough as trying to make those insert pieces and the broken columns.  It took weeks and weeks just to cut the foam to fit all the inside pieces (several times...cause why do it right the first time when you can do it right the...second, or in some cases third time!) was painful.

This has to be the hardest - and most impressive piece we have ever built.  After all that work, the fact that the crew is still talking to each other after this project is nothing short of a miracle.

The solution for the inserts is far from perfect, and we know that they are not the long term solution....but they will work for this year.


The ghost is still there.  We build the back wall to look like it broke out and we put the screen behind it.

Little details like we build pieces of rubble out of foam are lost in the pictures...really one of those details you notice when you visit during the day.

I took one of my clematis vines, trimmed it back and threw it over one of the sides of the structure to look like vines were growing on it.

We had a interesting spot at the very top....looked crappy - so what's a frog queen to do?   I put an owl (not a real owl....I wish I could get a real owl to sit there all day!) on the top to hide the spot.  Again, it will work for this year.

Now you have seen three of the four big projects for 2011...this is the best.

Abbey update to follow.

Happy haunting everyone!

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