Friday, January 2, 2009

I put the question to my friends

At our New Year's Eve Party .......

"Do I forgive the person that gave me this"

(PINK frog pajamas!!!)
Pink is my least favorite color - frog pictures or not.....and they mentioned loving "snow" - you have got to be kidding!!!

"Because they gave me this"

Might have had something to do with the New Year's Eve cocktails :) But, the overwhelming response was - of course!

The next question was easier than I thought.....

"Who do you think gave me this?"

The Banshee.


Seriously, that was fast.......

Somehow I thought that would be harder.

I have the coolest friends :)

BTW - I was joking with husband about taking a picture of me in these pajamas for the blog and he was "yeah, great idea!" Me, camera and PINK pajamas!!! That couch must be more comfortable than I thought :)

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