Monday, June 28, 2010

I now dub thee

It is official, after 20 years of living in our house and sharing an is over

I sent husband to the basement. :)

Well, not exactly sent, he went willingly, I think he was just as tired as I am of sharing the same office.

So we worked on converting one of the store rooms in the basement to an shiny new office for him. He currently has the nicest room in the house, all the wiring is new, it has insulation and regular walls (lath and plaster walls are evil). I would say that I am jealous, except that this gives me my own office that I can keep clean and tidy and paint any color I want.

As much as I say I want my own office I am sure I will miss having him right there to talk to...and I am sure he is going to take his Universal monster statue collection with him.....I kinda like those :D

So now that he is "Basement Husband" - does that make Hal a "basement cat"? :D

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