Friday, June 25, 2010

We all start somewhere

and we started working with video projection about the same way that all the other projects start.

Frog queen to husband.
"Wouldn't it be cool to have a signing bust like at the Haunted Mansion?"

Husband to frog queen
"Yes, but we cannot sing."

(now I think....whoa...I wasn't thinking about actually singing...I mean that would be scary in the not good way!!!)

FQ to H
"How about if it just...." I look over to notice that he is rolling his eyes at me....again...

H to FQ
.....then finally....."you do know it rains here....we cannot have a projector outside in the rain."

FQ hang head, crosses her arms, stomps her feet and sulks in the corner

....cause I am mature that way :D

After a few days husband says "I have been thinking about....."

Those have turned out to be some of my favorite words....little did I know at the time that those lines were the beginning of a pattern that would go emerge each time I came up with a "crazy idea"

First "no" and then a few days later "you know I was thinking....." and then....we are working on the prop!

Kinda like magic! I like this! I like this a lot!

Yep, I no longer get disheartened when he says "no"....cause I know it is only a matter of time...before the prop magically appears......

(except for painting the lawn gray....I have been asking for years and he has held stead fast to "no" on that one.)

So, the first year, this is what our projected talking head looked like.

Gasp! WTF was that!

(Yeah, I heard is rather....odd looking)

It was supposed to look like the busts in Disneyland..... it was not supposed to look like an alien.

Not exactly the scary I was looking for...not at all.

Husband says
"It is the best we can do this year......"

Frog Queen is back to sulking in the corner.


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