Saturday, June 19, 2010

I was reading a post

over a Pumpkinrots blog about projections. Showed lots of interesting ideas, not something I need more of :D

We love projection effects, they are very cool, we use them....a lot. They are how all the ghosts in the graveyard are created. So it got me many do we have now?

The whole yard set up is kind of a whirlwind...and I just know "what we have" not how much of anything...except I know that we have 62 tombstones...yeah, that is a ^&*% lot of tombstones...but I digress.

So let's count the projection effects from oldest to newest.

  1. talking head....the one that started it all

  2. ghost in the crypt (definitely the centerpiece of the display)

  3. ghost in the church (she replaced the FCG a few years ago)

  4. preacher ghost coming out of the front door (my favorite)

  5. ghost children in the back of the yard (added 2009)
that is five projectors and players that have to be set up and taken down each night (usually in the rain) wonder set up is so stressful! :D

And in 2010 we are adding one more effect...six projectors - yes we are insane.

Our most requested seminar is the ghost effects one, and since we get a lot of questions about that effect, I will spend the next week or so giving you details on each of the separate ghosts, their beginnings, how they work and our plans for the future.

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