Thursday, November 4, 2010

It is a little late for trick or treating

but I think I have some candy in the house....

This has to be the most fun I have had making a prop in a long time.  He came out exactly how I wanted him to.  If I have room, I am going to move him into my office....or maybe upstairs in the hallway. He is just too cute to leave alone in the garage with all the scary props! :D

Final pictures of Tot (trick or treater) one of our new props for 2010.  We were in a mad rush to get pictures of him where I envisioned before we took the yard down.

I really wanted to have him out front on Halloween night looking into the yard.  But with all the people that amass on the property, he would not have survived.

So he is out there today trick or treating.....excuse me while I head in the house to find him some candy :)

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