Monday, November 1, 2010

Well, it is about time

that they aired the Nightmare Factory Extreme Home Makeover show.  Really, how long could we we go on NOT talking about it.

Seriously, really sucked - lots to share.

Anyway, saw the episode and I am sure if you did too, you did NOT see us or any of the crew or any of the helpers for that matter.

No surprise!

Rob Zombie was there.....far more interesting than us helpers!  (BTW - super nice guy to all us minions!)

If I was producing the show, I would have done the same thing! :D

It was a great experience and I have to say that I am honored to have been a part of it.

Hopefully now we can post Marci's pictures for all of you to see.  Until then, check out the ABC site for a sample of her photos.

We are very proud of her, she did a great job.

We are supposedly getting a "press kit" of footage that was not on the show and logos and stuff to put on the site. 

It will likely arrive while we are on we will all have to wait until December to see it.

Thanks everyone that donated to the cause - the school really apperciates it!

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