Thursday, November 4, 2010

One of the hardest things I have ever

done is not wrestle the DVD full of photos from Marci when she gave us all a private screening of her photos for Nightmare Factory.  She was under super strict instructions from the very nice producer Alex...not to show them to anyone.

Well, we all know that I am not "anyone" so we got to see them....even before Ed. :D

Sorry Ed....but here they are FINALLY!  Marci's stunning photos of all the awesomeness that is the Nightmare Factory Extreme Home Makeover project.

....thanks to all our friends that we roped into this project.  You represented the Graveyard well....which made it in the credits for about 1/2 I guess we are all due about 14 and a half minutes of fame(or so )!!

Anyway, Marci, being the angel that she is donating all the proceeds of any of the photo sales to Nightmare Factory.  I know what I am buying everyone for Christmas :D

Thanks again Marci and the crew.  We could not have a better group of friends.

What are you still doing here?  Click on this link and check out the pictures!!!

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