Monday, May 3, 2010

Got zombie


I got zombie parts.....I have the head and hand of a very small zombie!!! Yes, one of my blog friends is dismembering innocent zombies for jewerly!

I know what you are thinking.... that cool or what?

Actually they are likely made of plastic or clay.....but I prefer the idea that she has coraled up an army of small zombie and is keeping them in her basement and harvesting thier parts for her evil plans and profit. I am not saying that she is hacking up innocent zombies, I bet she waits for the parts to fall off know, like they do sometimes. :D

I have had the pleasure of meeting her (and Andy) and I think the small zombie farm (although highly unpausible) is definately something she is capable of :) That is why I like her :)

Thanks for visiting Ghoul Friday - it was a please to meet you (both of you!) You are welcome at the Graveyard anytime.

Just bring more zombie parts!!!

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