Thursday, May 6, 2010

"You know that Halloween...."

is over right?" Says (my favorite Halloween hating) co-worker.

Now, to be honest, when ever she stops by I get defensive, because she usually makes a point about saying something negative about my love of Halloween. I need to work on being more open to her comments, like a normal rational adult. :D

Man, I crack myself up sometimes. Anyway.....

Unfortunately, my mouth cop died a long time ago...and since I work in a very conservative place, I had to bring in hired security, the last one quit without notice, so I have this new guy, this was his chance to show me what he could do.....he rose the the challenge, he was on the spot and stepped up in time to help me politely say, without any sarcasm.

"Oh, really?"

Instead of "Are you just trying to annoy me today? Do I have to explain again that for me it is always Halloween and if you are going to comment on my Halloween frog theme....well, just......." which was what was going through my head

"Yeah, all your frogs on this shelf are Halloween related. I thought you changed them out for the season?"

She proceeds to open up my cabinet and point to all the cute frogs with Santa hats, holding hearts and bunny ears.

(I keep them safe in the dark where they will not harm have to be careful of the cute ones!)

My mouth cop slacked a bit and I was able to say with a great amount of sarcasm "Oh, no, it looks like I missed those holidays....poor frogs, they did not get out of the cabinet all year!"

Instead of "Would you quit going through my stuff? And, it was not an accident. I tend to like Halloween and I leave those up all year....and if I remember, I will get out the other ones, but I tend to be very forgetful when it comes to that stuff.....I am too busy know what you should be doing right now." :D

She chuckles, I can see she is not sure if I am kidding or not. She makes a cute pouty face and says "Well, can just stop by and remind you if that would help!"

In my head I start to hear the screaming. Hired mouth cop gets scared and starts to run, he heard the story of what happened to his predecessor. But I grab him by the neck and put him back in place - you are not going anywhere buddy, you got work to do! He stops shaking for a moment and we manage to say

"That would be great! Thanks so much!"

Instead of "Please take your Halloween hating self and go would be safer for both of us."

At this point I think my hired mouth cop is crying, mumbling something about no one warned him....

I have to admit I feel a bit sorry for him. Maybe I should buy him a beer :)

BTW - Not in the best mood (can you tell :D) very busy at work these days and do not need this stuff!!!

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