Thursday, May 6, 2010

On a side note

does anyone know how to post comments on The Land of Always October's blog?

He has a great blog and is featured on my fellow blogger Cat in the Pumpkin Moon/Cat in the Moon who is doing an interesting Halloween blog crawl feature all month on both her blogs.

I have been trying for months and nothing works, even opened the blog in 4 different browsers. He has a great blog, but I noticed no comments.* I sent him a couple emails, but since he does not follow this blog...he might not know who I am or....he does and then that means he is avoiding me - can't say I blame him :D I try to avoid me as much as possible :)

Anyway, if any of you bloggers know him, can you get him a message that something is up with his site so we can all tell him how much we love his blog? :)

Okay, back to prop building....and my new favorite pass time.....scaring myself with spiders :D**

* Unless there is a way to hide comments from a blogger and I just can't see them and you all can....well, then never mind, and boy do I feel awkward :)

**BTW- that was NOT , I repeat N-O-T, an invitation to send me more spider stuff....really people, you can all stop now :)

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