Thursday, January 6, 2011

Only two medieval churches

in Scotland survived the Reformation. 

One of them is St. Mungo in Glasgow. (The other being St. Magnus in Orkney.)

Now I do love old churches, especially medieval ones, because there are very few that are not ruins (once again....thanks Henry) so I really wanted to see this one cause there is almost no chance of making it to the Orkney islands in November (very, very far north and mostly closed for the winter.) 

But that is not the main reason I went there....although these are pretty impressive.....still not the reason. :)

St Mungo Cathedral

from a monument in the church cemetery

above the doorway on the side entrance

Parts of the original church from the 11th century

Door to the blackadder

ceiling accent with skull in the blackadder

As impressive as all that is.  This....this is why I went to this particular church.  This cemetery is called The Necropolis. It is up on a hill overlooking the city!!!

 Oh hell ya, that had "frog queen" written all over it :D

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