Monday, January 3, 2011

For those of you not married

to a geek. (in my case a computer programmer)  You might not know that this week is CES (Consumer Electronics Show*) in wonderful snowy Las Vegas.

That is right boys and is snowing in Vegas with all those people there.....that is scary! (Hence my tie to this blog....yes, i am aware that is the lamest tie in ever.)

Anyway, yesterday several of our geek friends were at the house and we were talking in and I realized two things......first, my friends really are geeky, when you talk about getting gadgets for Xmas presents and everyone knows the name brand and the specs on said item....yeah, it was a little disturbing.

And second, next year for Christmas husband is going to get a note that says.....I am buying you your Christmas present after CES - so that way the one I buy you in December will not be obsolete 2 weeks later when the "cooler" thing comes out after the show. :D

Silly frog queen....this should have been a follies post.  Sorry about that everyone.  Back to regular scheduled blogging :)

*In a previous life I had to work that event......if I NEVER do that again, it will be too soon.  That is just madness.

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