Wednesday, January 5, 2011

There was something very familar

about the show that Husband got me watching.

Me sitting and watching a show with him is truly a happening. I am not really that keen on most run of the mill TV shows. But this one was not your typical show. Probably why I liked it so much.....and likely why it is no longer on the air.

That happens with all my favorites (US shows)

Time Express (I was just a wee princess at the time this stared Vincent Price - what is not to like)
Friday the 13th The Series (All time favorite)
American Gothic (I absolutely LOVED this show)
Firefly (Still bitter about this one)
Carnivale (Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant - how did this manage to get canceled?)
Dead Like Me (I am a complete push over for anything Mandy Patinkin is in - even Chicago Hope and Criminal Minds, but only the episodes he was in)
The Riches  (Yes, I only liked it because Eddie Izzard was in it)

I was watching our latest find, "Pushing Daisies" and said this feels a lot like "Dead Like Me" - to which husband grabs the laptop, Googles it - and I a good :D - it is written by the same guy. No wonder I liked it :D

And it is canceled......crap. Back to watching Supernatural - which by the way - I know some of you will not like me for saying kinda weak this season.  The show has lost the sense of humor that made it work for me.*

I ordered the first four seasons of Qi - which, we have always loved seeing when we travel to the UK.  I do love Stephen Fry.  When those arrive, that should make me feel better :)

* I know, I know....I have no idea what I am talking about, just use my list of favorite TV shows as proof! :D

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