Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I find this an insult

to my rather well publicized archonophobia.

This commercial is ridiculous!

I fear spiders, admittedly more than most, and I would never mistake a picture on a phone on a table in the middle of the day for a real spider. (and a tarantula at that....not common in most areas....why would there be one on a table in a fancy restaurant?)

And if I would not freak out, and trust me I hate those little buggers, then I think the girl in the commercials reaction warrants special medical treatment or a course of medication.

And the guy wacking the spider?  Really, you would take your shoe off in a resturant to kill a spider.  You too, sir, are just being stupid.  Told husband if he ever did this I would leave him standing the restaurant and take a cab home.

I gusess I should be happy.... their reaction makes me look sane.  Okay, so sane is probably not the right word....I just had to type it here because that is the only time that me and "sane" will be used in the same sentence.

Truth of the matter it is just a poorly written/directed piece of ad work.

It is just lame.

BTW - I do for a fact, know that, this in fact, is a commerial and these are not real people.  The real person that needs a talking to is the non-acrhonophobe that made this commerial.  It was uncreative and simplistic - how did you get into marketing in the first place?  And I am guessing that you did not test market the ad (to save money) or you did and your cousin owns the test market firm and loves all your work....especially the business you send his/her way.)

Listen, if you are going to use a spider in a commercial,  that make it a small creepy spider that is crawling acrros the screen, at a quick glance I might mistake that for a real spider.  Maybe...if I did not have my glasses on and I had had a few glasses of wine....maybe.

Fail to Samsung - I will likely never buy one of your phones.

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