Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When she asked the question

I thought about just making something up....because if I tell her what is really happening, she might give me a psych referral :D

I went to the doctor today to check my blood pressure - it gets a bit low sometimes - but today it over normal and close to high.

"Is anything stressing you out?"

"Just busy" - I say (hoping it ends there)  But I know it won't she asks lots of questions.

"So what is going on in your life?"

"Just events at work and some conventions." (Please don't ask about the conventions!)

No such luck!

"What kind of conventions?"

In my head just lie and say something work related and boring like at "banking" convention - trust me, those are boring on an epic scale.  And not at all stressful unless you are like me and worry about falling asleep during a presentation! :D

But I say, "Halloween decorating conventions"

"Wow, really?  What are those?"

So I go on to explain what we do and why we do conventions....she pulls up our website on her laptop and does the oohs and aaahs.....and then calls one of the nurses who also loves Halloween....before I know it her office is full of staff....(I hope the patients are alright) - asking me all kinds of questions.

See.....this is how I get stressed :D

Anyway, I think there will be a few extra attendees this weekend and that I had to write the details of the convention on back of my business card for several of the staff that want to come.

....only the Frog Queen can turn a 10 minute doctor visit into a 45 minute visit that has almost nothing to do with my health......I am just so creative that way! :D

Sorry to all the patients that had longer than usual wait times.....and to all the people I passed in the waiting room on my way to the car.  Sorry - you needed the extra time to catch up on magazine articles from 6 months ago anyway.

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