Thursday, August 11, 2011

The comments that get made

from the crew when you are working with a lot of wood is the one of the reasons that we do not film us working.

Building the structure for the abbey has all kinds of words that well, can cause all kinds of rude but hilarious comments.  Wood, stud, good stud, naked stud, drill, screw, get the picture.  Yes, all of our minds are in the gutter most of the time....and I am fine with that, makes for a fun build day.

Speaking of that here is our progress from over the weekend.

We started to design the frame and finished making all the panels and continued to draw out the stone walls.

The beginning of the structure to hold up the 44 panels

Designing as we go....a little wobbly - looks like we are going to need to put tension cables 

Inside panels ready to draw stonework

The artist at work....really, she is, she has the degree to prove it!  Glad someone in the group is qualified!

The art team designing a template for the doorways

Panels ready to be draw in routed.
How many panels did we make?
We use the Dremel Trio to router out all the grout lines for the stones.

We will be working hard this weekend to get all the panels, drawn, routered and the frame design finalized....then we got to put it up (sort of) and start designing the trim pieces!!  

How many days until Halloween? :D

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